Game Changers 2018

  • Fora - Borough
  • 8th December, 2018

Hourglass Game Changers 2018 Event

On Saturday, December 8th, 2018 Hourglass hosted the “Game Changers” Ladies blitz event, where we gathered for a day of understanding ourselves and what we want most in life and business, aligning what we do with what we stand for. We explored and discussed the tools for creating the life you want, and working towards eliminating the things you don’t want.

We met and listened to accomplished female GAME CHANGERS; entrepreneurs, mothers, CEOs, and more; speak and inspire through sharing their techniques, tactics, and success stories.

“Be free to become the person you are meant to become.”

Hourglass is an organisation of inspirational women in the community. We are busy, we make it happen, we want to be with like-minded individuals, and we make the most of our time. We strive to be inspired so we can inspire those around us.  

At Hourglass we discuss ideas, growth, business, life, family, relationships, and all of the challenges that surround living our life’s journey. We are intent on creating the life of our dreams whatever that may entail. We know we have the power, we strive to live a life free from restrictions and self imposed boundaries. We realise the importance of being happy with our journey and enjoying the ride.

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