Game Changers

  • Fora - Borough
  • 8th December, 2018

We are Hourglass, an independent organisation for inspirational women in the community based in London. Hourglass creates long-lasting connections with like-minded individuals, building contemporary female pioneers for future power. This event is female only. Sign up for our mailing list and subscribe to our Eventbrite channel to be kept up to date with future events.

Join Hourglass on Saturday, December 8th to learn about building solid positive foundations for life-success. Hear established women speak about how to build the life of your dreams, balancing of masculine and feminine energy, the use of hard and soft power, and how to remain high energy and creative through food and mood. Join us for lively panel discussions followed by interactive Q&A sessions and conversation.

At Hourglass you will meet other like-minded women who are intent on building the life of their dreams. This event will impact your thinking, bringing you into a transformational mindset that anything is possible; harness your thoughts and put your mind to it. Expect to share your story and to learn the stories of other women who are paving the way forwards.

Enjoy lunch nibbles provided and non-alcoholic drinks. Alcohol is on sale at the private bar.

Doors open at 10am

Event starts 11am sharp

Lunch on the balcony overlooking London at 1pm

Sessions commence at 3pm

Meeting & greeting and discussions, photography and interviews from 3-4

Doors close at 4pm

We look forward to having you Join Hourglass and toasting to all of our success.

Note: this event will have film and photography

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