Celebrate Love Ladies Brunch

  • Opium, London
  • 10th February, 2019

The Subtle Art of Self Love

    On February 10th, 2019, Hourglass, a community of inspirational women, hosted another SOLD OUT event, called Celebrate LOVE, where women of influence came together to discuss the topic of LOVE as it relates to success in life and in business.   Inspired by the organisation’s mantra to “be free to become the person you are meant to become” Hourglass Founder, Lyndsay King encourages women to focus their mindset and choose the life they want, by being happy now on the journey through taking control over life’s purpose. It was certainly a sight to see as more than 60 women, after feasting on a dim sum brunch and tea, settled in and cozied up in velvet sofas and vintage style chair arrangements, to spend their Sunday afternoon at Opium Lounge in Chinatown ((in keeping with the Chinese New Year, the year of the Pig aka the year of Good Fortune)); to discuss the age old topic of LOVE as it relates to all areas of life including business, and relationships.   With a room full of recognised women from diverse backgrounds, careers and skill sets, all eyes were on the panel of LOVE experts who were speaking from different perspectives, each of whom shared their story of how they found their purpose and the role LOVE played in their journey.   Not always an easy feat, getting vulnerable in front of an audience, sharing personal tales, and ending with tried and tested tips, advice and priceless keys for success, the panelists offered a fresh perspective on how to operate from a space of LOVE and joy.   From former finance broker turned successful entrepreneur and Founder of Empress MiMi Lingerie, Galyna Nitsetska, who’s appeared in Forbes, Tatler and has featured on the Steve Harvey Show; to Priestess of the Divine Feminine, Shakti Sundari; Sex & Relationships Therapist Joyce Oladipo; and Spiritual Consultant, Masculine & Feminine + ENERGY expert, Urtema Dolphin; to Moni Rodriguez the Award Winning Author and Women’s Leadership Mentor; the day centred around finding balance, being true to yourself, and loving the life you are living NOW. Celebrating LOVE for oneself is a major theme and topic in people’s lives today, and is not often given the attention or deliberation it deserves. Lyndsay King and her guests aired authentic truths, and brought to light the topic of loving ourselves first, coming from a place of LOVE, and what it means to be supportive of yourself when unblocking hurdles for success and happiness both in life and at work.   With a toast to Hourglass, the event left guests inquisitive; what if you simply dedicated this year to loving yourself more? Hourglass is unique. It provides much more than just a community for women in London; but brings together purpose driven women who provide the support that is absolutely necessary for women to succeed, learn and gain guidance. All the while committing to and navigating their way to becoming the person they are meant to become. As its name suggestions, it offers support for women who are breaking glass ceilings and are making the most of their time, so raise your glass to success, HOURGLASS. Please sign up to the newsletter for future Hourglass events and upcoming news.

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