Shakti Sundari

About Shakti Sundari

Priestess Of Love & Sacred Sexuality

Shakti is a Priestess Of Love & Sacred Sexuality, yogini, dancer, writer, teacher, healer, mother and presenter, who is devoted to teaching Divine Feminine embodiment and ecstatic awakening.

She is passionate about sharing the empowering energy of the Divine Feminine, through her Dancing the Goddess practice, Awakening Shakti Group Programme and Kundalini Yoga teaching.

A gifted facilitator, known for her warmth, intuition and transformative space-holding, Shakti has been teaching ecstatic dance, yoga and sacred intimacy for 15 years. She also writes an inspiring blog, hosts the Youtube interview show Heart to Heart and is writing her first two books.

When she is not teaching or writing, Shakti loves to dance, read inspirational literature, create art, spend time in nature and be with her two beautiful teenagers.

Shakti is hosting her first Dancing the Goddess Retreat in Glastonbury March 1-3.

To connect with Shakti, visit her website:, find her on Facebook, Instagram, youtube and/or request to join her Awakening Shakti Facebook Group.